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Welcome to Calvin University's Patient Portal


Welcome to Calvin University’s private patient portal.


As a Calvin student, you will be using the Patient Portal to interact with Health Services.


To enter the Patient Portal, use your Calvin University login and password at the top of this screen. This secure system contains Protected Health Information (PHI). Do not share your password with others.


We highly recommend that pop-up blockers be disabled while using this site.


If you have any problems connecting to the Patient Portal, please contact Health Services at 616-526-6187. Messages left using this portal are monitored weekly and you may expect a reply via your Calvin email account within 7-10 days. If you have a medical question or wish to schedule an appointment (for something other than allergy shots) or if you need to speak with the nurse, please call the office during normal business hours at 616-526-6187.


We are committed to protecting your privacy. Your personal Patient Portal is HIPAA compliant and the Health Services staff does not share any of your information with anyone else at Calvin University or outside of the university without your explicit consent. Any data that you provide in your personal Patient Portal cannot be viewed by anyone else on the Web and is securely maintained by industry standards.


This website is HIPAA compliant.